2015 Caring in the Community Award Group Winner

Ben Shchigel, Sam Hoffman, Gina Steinberg, Mikayla Wasserman, Megan Byala and  Michelle Koblenz are a part of the ‘Habonim Dror’ Youth Group who were announced the winners of the 2015 Young People Who Care Awards for the category ‘Caring in the Community – Group’.

This group of young people is part of the not for profit youth organisation called ‘Habonim Dror’, which runs weekly activities for children aged 8 to 13 in the Jewish Community. As well as running the weekly activities, the group also plans and runs bi-annual camps in July and December each year.

The group provides a really important service for kids in the community, by informally educating them and providing a safe and inclusive environment for children to grow and have fun, as well as learn and connect to others in the community. They are leaders and role models for the children and educate on values such as social justice, equality, youth empowerment, and being an active member of the community.

The group’s nominator says that they are “so passionate about what they do and have such a strong desire to give back to the community. They really are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts”.  

Congratulations to Habonim Dror Youth Group on receiving the 2015 Caring in the Community Group Award!

 Habonim Dror Youth Group