2015 Young Carer Award Winner (14 - 18 years)

Fifteen year old Monique Maggi from Busselton has been announced the winner of the 2015 Young People Who Care Awards for the category ‘Young Carer - 8 - 13 years’.

Monique cares for her mother who has multiple chronic medical conditions and disabilities including bone cancer, heart disease, Lupus and diabetes. Monique is her mother’s primary carer.

Monique cares for her mother before and after school each day and often during the night. Monique sometimes sleeps on a mattress next to her mother’s bed to assist her during the night and prevent falls. 

Monique is responsible for supporting her mother across all areas including self-care, household and domestic tasks, wound care and medication. She helps with dressing, preparing meals, grocery shopping, housework and laundry.  

Monique’s nominator describes her as “exceptionally caring and dedicated and the love and care Monique has for her mum is evident by their very affectionate and close relationship”.

Congratulations to Monique for receiving the 2015 Young Carer 14 -18 years award!

  Monique Maggi