2015 Young Carer Award Winner (8 - 13 years)

Ten year old Jaxon Hanjin from Bridgetown has been announced the winner of the 2015 Young People Who Care Awards for the category ‘Young Carer - 8 - 13 years’.

Ten year old Jaxon cares for his mother who has a trauma induced brain injury and has been diagnosed with Bipolar disorder. He is the primary carer for his mother.

Jaxon supports his mother by helping her around the house, preparing meals, getting himself to and from school, and reminding her about appointments and taking her medication. He also provides emotional support, encouraging his mum to think positive and cheering her up when she is having a bad day. Jaxon has a special bond with his mother and even though the two have been through a long and difficult journey together they still smile, laugh and cherish every day.

Jaxon’s nominator says that he is a “caring, mature, kind hearted young man who is always looking out for others and wanting to help in any way he can. Jaxon is an inspiration to us all”.

Congratulations to Jaxon for receiving the 2015 Young Carer 8 -13 years award!

  Jaxon Hanjin